Handmade dresses by the talented Michelle at BabyJulzDesigns - a current artist-in-residence.

Handmade dresses by the talented Michelle at BabyJulzDesigns - a current artist-in-residence.


oh, wow. cool!

At Foundry, we offer a pretty special artist-in-residence program. 

But what's the deal?

well - if you join us as an artist-in-residence, then NOT ONLY will you find exposure through our little shop + associated marketing, but you receive a lower rate of commission on all sales (10% rather than 30%) and get to shop-sit for one day per week, for three months.

[if you cannot commit to join us for one day per week please use our 'stock your wares' form instead.] 

all shop-work undertaken at foundry is on a volunteer basis, and though the majority of this work is gladly done by jes, jill, & clare, it is necessary for us to share this (fun!) load so that we can keep the doors of foundry open as often as possible.

in the shop, you have access to our little office + everything in it, and can get to know the people in the community who are shopping at foundry and buying your beautiful wares! we will teach you everything we know about operating an artist collective, our revolutionary small-business model [explained further here], and introduce you to the skills and knowledge we have learned so far [and all that we are still learning!].

this is a great opportunity for those looking to be involved in a special
community-oriented business that is run by + supportive of east gippsland locals. shop-sitting is a brilliant way to meet people, spend dedicated time on your creative work, + to add your flair to the foundry shop-space.

if you are interested in joining us, then please read our information on stock requirements below. if you feel like you could be a perfect fit, then fill out the form below + you will be hearing from us shortly! 


  • is your work handmade - the more involved you are in all processes the better!

  • are you living & working in east gippsland?

  • does your work follow sustainable practise, and use quality, natural materials?

  • do we already sell an item similar to what you create? [we like to keep things fresh & diverse!]

  • do you have your own branding established, & ideas for shop displays?

    If you answered yes to all the above - then we would love to hear from you!

Name *
[your style - your ethos - your history - your passions!]
Do you live in East Gippsland? *
[we can only accept submissions from those living + creating work in east gippsland - locals only sorry!]
Is your work handmade by YOU? *
[obviously we understand that not EVERY aspect of your work may be handmade - like paper, or ink! - but preference is give to those works that are made personally, by hand, with a professional streak!]
Have you been into Foundry recently? *
[the more familiar you are with our stock, our ethos, and our look - the better!]
Are you a not-for-profit organisation?
[we can be a little looser with the commission rates if you are working on behalf on an organisation that supports our local community]
[any extra information you want to share with us? any images of your work you would like to provide us with? it will all help! send images to and let us know below if you have done so :) thank you!]
[do you have another job or two? when are you free to start a residency? and is there a day that suits you best?]
Which weekdays suit you best for shopsitting? *