'one of bairnsdale's top six reasons to visit'- THE AGE

foundry inside 2017.jpg

Foundry is an artist collective in Bairnsdale who stock an incredible range of handmade, locally-created goods. 

Seriously - everything we stock is made right here in wonderful East Gippsland.

From hand-formed sterling silver jewelry, to unique illustrations, paintings, prints & cards, to vintage clothing sourced locally [made from natural fibres], to bespoke homewares, to sustainable goods encouraging an eco-friendly life such as beeswax wraps, produce bags, bamboo crocheted washcloths, to high-quality ceramics, to handmade children's toys - we seriously have something for everyone.

where is foundry/ how to visit.

A short walk down the ally next to Woolworth's, just behind the bakery sits Bairnsdale's own Foundry with a  friendly little black and white sign and doors wide open waiting for you to discover some of your wonderful local talent. So if you happen to be in the area or have some time to spare for a little you time, come on in and enjoy the creative atmosphere!!!